They restored my lost harmony

” As a result from previous plastic surgeries, my nose looked totally unnatural and operated. Doctors Hernan Chinski and Luis Chinski restored the harmony lost in previous procedures. I now feel a whole lot content with my appearance and my nose looks perfectly natural. I am very grateful for what you have done.”
– Silvina A, Buenos Aires

I though mine was a hopeless case…

” As a lifeguard I am continuously in the spotlight. After a rhinoplasty performed twenty years ago, my nose looked severely deformed and I could barely breathe. I thought mine was a hopeless case until I came across a friend who told me to see Dr. Chinski; apparently there was still hope. And here I am, deeply thankful. The change is absolutely amazing! People don’t stare anymore… they don’t even notice!”
– Miguel R, Buenos Aires

Forever thankful.

” I don’t want to miss the opportunity to thank Dr. Luis Chinski and all his staff for their kindness, humility, hospitality, helpfulness and endless professionalism from the day when my dream began. The results exceed my expectations. Dr. Chinski made me feel reassured at every time by casting all my fears aside and answering all my doubts and concerns. He guided me throughout the whole process. I have nothing but words of appreciation for Dr. Chinski and his medical staff. I will be forever thankful for what you have done.”
– Bruno T, San Clemente del Tuyu.

A complete success!

” My experience was totally satisfactory. To go in for a rhinoplasty procedure is a big step and I found in Dr. Chinski all the assurance and professionalism I needed to make up my mind. After all the medical consultations, in which the Doctor cleared all my doubts, the day of the operation came (07/31/2010). Despite being a very insecure person, I felt ready for the procedure thanks to the comfort and reassurance provided by the professional. The operation was a success; I didn’t feel any pain at all and the recovery went smoothly. In less than two weeks I was already back to my daily activities and I didn’t have scars or even marks. Now, twenty days have passed and I can tell the difference; and the most important thing is that I just love it. My nose looks perfectly natural; my expectations were far exceeded. Many thanks to all the medical staff for making my experience so easy and pleasant.”
– Barbara S, Buenos Aires

I travelled all the way from the South of Argentina

“I live in Comodoro Rivadavia, south of Argentina…I wasn’t pleased at all with how my nose looked: my nose hump was too large. One day I consulted an othorhinolaryngologist here in Comodoro and she told me I had nasal septum deviation and other functional issues. A workmate recommended me to see Hernan for he was a prestigious doctor in Buenos Aires and he had also operated her nose. The thing I like most about Hernan is that he is not interested in making all the noses look alike. He is an othorhinolaryngologist who seeks both aesthetic improvement and correct breathing. I loved the results and those who didn’t know me before the surgery couldn’t notice any change because it looks so natural. My operation was on September 4th. Hernan monitors you throughout the whole process- he even gives you his cellphone number in case any inconvenience may arise (this gives you reassurance as a patient). My stitches were later removed. I was in Buenos Aires for only ten days, I came back to Comodoro and to my job, and everything went on as usual. It’s been two years since my operation and I feel like a whole new person. I also got married and I didn’t have to worry about my nose profile anymore. This surgery has been a tremendous boost to my self esteem. I totally recommend Dr. Chinski.”
– Lorena C, Comodoro Rivadavia

“You have made a tremendous difference in my self-esteem

” Due to years of constant suffering from colds, sinusitis, rhinitis, headaches and so on, I decided to have consultations with several doctors from my area. They all agreed on the fact that I had nasal septal deviation and that surgery was the only solution to my problem. There was another issue too: I wasn’t at all pleased with how my nose looked. I knew the surgery implied a radical change for my face as well. I found Dr. Chinski, I browsed his web page, I read his impressive CV, I had a look at the after-and-before pictures, etc. I called to his consultation office, where I was kindly assisted, I asked for an appointment and I travelled to Buenos Aires. After two consultations and preoperative evaluations, we scheduled a surgery date: 05/11/2010. A day before the operation, I got a phone call from Dr. Chinski to check on how I was doing, if I felt ready for the surgery and to reassure me that everything was going to be ok. It really struck me by surprise; it made me feel important. I must admit I was a bundle of nerves until the day came. I travelled with my family; we arrived in Buenos Aires on the same day of the surgery. I really have to thank Dr. Chinski for his professionalism and honesty, for in the consultations previous to the operation I would always ask if it was a painful procedure and he would always answer no. It was true, it is painless surgery; I just took the antibiotics he had prescribed and one analgesic once I had a headache. After that, I just had to take care and get used to my new nose. I believe the rest of those who knew me had to get used as well, for they all forgot how my nose looked before. I am pleased with the results, with his professionalism and the care and courtesy offered by both his secretaries and the Sanatorio Otamendi. You made me feel at home; I never experienced any pain; you have made a tremendous difference in my self-esteem. Thanks for making the surgery such a pleasant experience!”
– Analia C, Saliquelo, Bs. As. Province

I had gone through four previous surgeries before Hernan

” I am 43 years old. More than twenty years ago, I underwent my first rhynoplasty, which was terrible performed, leaving noticeable side effects. Two years after that, I had a second operation without any good results, then I had a third and a fourth surgery…the last one when I was 21 years old. I didn’t look good but I was already hopeless and thought there was nothing left to do. Last year the idea of a revision rhynoplasty came across my mind so I browsed information on the web and I decided to make appointments with some doctors. My first consultation was with a Plastic Surgeon Chief in a renowned hospital; he said I had better leave it like that. I later found information about two surgeons specialized in rhynoplasties. The first one didn’t offer me much assurance and didn’t get to me, I knew my nose was a complicated case. Then I found Dr. Hernan Chinski. He explained everything in detail and was humble about the results. By that very moment I already knew I wouldn’t get operated with any doctor other than Hernan. I must say my expectations were far exceeded, I had never thought the results would be so satisfactory, taking into account the way my nose was. Nevertheless, I felt assured because the first thing I noticed on his web page is both the esthetic and harmony accomplished in his patients. The way he combines the ideas in his mind with his skillful hands is worthy of admiration. I hope this testimonial will help others in the same situation to make up their minds; I guarantee you won’t regret it. I am not used to expressing my feelings but deep inside there is an eternal gratitude towards Dr. Chinski, not only for the results but also for his kind, humble, considerate and caring manner for all his patients.”
– Beatriz L, Buenos Aires

This is the perfect nose for my face!!

” My name is Lorena, I am from Chivilcoy, Buenos Aires Province. I had had breathing problems for many years. I made a consultation with Dr. Chinski, he could see I had nasal septum deviation which was the cause of all my problems. He recommended me to go under surgery; besides, my nose was extremely large and unaesthetic. My rhynoplasty was in April 2009. During the post-operatory I felt a little uncomfortable for the first four days because of the nasal congestion and besides my nose bled a little. But it didn’t hurt. As regards aesthetics, my nose is perfect; no one could tell I had a nose-job. It is the perfect nose for my face! I can finally breath, the fresh air is spectacular. I will always cherish this experience, especially Dr. Chinski’s professionalism, kindness and constant dedication.”
– Lorena B, Chivilcoy

My expectations were far exceeded

” I had a nose-job over a year ago. In my case, besides breathing issues, I had nasal septum deviation, nasal hump and a droopy nasal tip. I practically needed a new nose. I had my misgivings about cosmetic surgeries but any anxious feelings I had were soon gone. The operation went smoothly. The only drawback was breathing through my mouth, due to nasal congestion. Apart from that, I didn’t experience any pain either during or after the operation. I had some bruises on my face, 90% of which were gone by the end of the week and the rest by the end of the month. The swelling lasted for a few weeks and it subsided definitely in the tenth month.. The first week after the surgery I could already see the results. It was a very positive experience; not only was my breathing better but also my expectations were far exceeded.”
– Norberto M, Buenos Aires.

I had my nose and my chin done

“After browsing information and searching for specialists, I made a consultation with Luis in May 2011. He took several pictures (frontal, lateral and oblique view) in order to do computing imaging and see the potential result of the procedure. On the base of these photos, I was explained about the operation, what could and couldn’t be done. Then I was showed the preoperative result on the computer so as not to arise any false expectations. In my case, I was also advised to have my chin done in order to achieve better results. Before the surgery, Luis and I talked over the phone to ultimate details, he was always very kind and considerate. On the day scheduled for the operation, I arrived at the Sanatorium at 9 am, I filled in the administrative papers and the surgery began at 10.30. I was given general anesthesia, which made me felt profoundly asleep. About an hour and half later I woke up in my hospital room, without any pain, just the expected discomfort, similar to having a strong cold. As regards the chin, the implant was internal; I had a few stitches below my gums, which dropped two weeks later. The week after the surgery, the stitches, the bandage and the modeling plastic piece were all removed. I could see the preliminary results, fully aware that I had to wait at least three months to see the definite results. To sum up, the experience was very good. I want to express my deepest gratitude towards Luis for the work done and his caring assistance. As weeks go by, I get to see the definite results.”
– Federico S, Buenos Aires

Pleased with my chin and my nose

” Fortunately, I didn’t need to visit countless surgeons to find the suitable one for my nose job. What is most interesting about Dr.Chinski is that he specializes in rhynoplasties.
Reading his excellent references and remarks made by their patients on web forums and seeing his work on his web page was enough for me to make an appointment. To be honest, while waiting in his consultation room, I was amazed to see live his recently operated patients, the results were impressive. One consultation was enough to make up my mind and chose him as my surgeon. Besides the rhinoplasty, we decided for a chin implant, to achieve even better results. The surgery Hernan performed was impeccable and the change is strikingly stunning. I just want to deeply thank him for what he has done and for being both an excellent professional and an extraordinary human being. I feel unbelievably happy with the results and this has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. All my complexes about my nose are finally gone. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Dr. Chinski; the results are clearly seen.. “
– Giselle V, Buenos Airess

My nose is just beautiful!!!

“I have made up my mind about having a nose job for many years due to this terrible complex that wouldn’t let me live. I made several consultations but no professional really got to me, they didn’t arouse trust and failed at casting my fears away. That was the reason why I had put off the surgery until I ran into Dr. Chinski web page and I was totally amazed!!! On the spur of the moment, I decided Hernan would be my surgeon, so I made an appointment. The day of the appointment I met an excellent professional who examined my nose, explained how the surgery would be, what he was going to change; he also took pictures and used the computing imaging program so I could have an idea of what the result would be. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was beautiful!!!

From that moment, any fears I may have had, were gone. Hernan proved to be an extraordinary human being, he was very kind, considerate, he explained everything in detail, and he cleared all my doubts. I absolutely trusted him. By the day the operation came, I was a case of nerves, but just before going to the operation table, Hernan dropped by to soothe me. I was then taken to the surgery room, all his staff was very kind, they even cheered me up by telling me jokes so I wouldn’t feel the pinch of the anesthesia!!!
When I woke up, I didn’t realize what had happened, it felt as if only a few seconds had gone by, I didn’t feel any pain, I was not even upset…I felt great!
It was an outpatient procedure, so a few hours later I went back home.
Both Hernan and all his staff were very kind to me. Overall, I got a first class treatment; they are extraordinary people and I have no regrets.
I later went to his consultation room where my stitches and my cast were removed….as days went by, I felt even better.
I had a few bruises and a bit of swelling but after two weeks everything was gone!!!!
My nose is simply beautiful, perfect, with no imperfections at all, it looks natural and nobody can tell I had this surgery, I look stunning. I couldn’t feel any happier, my complex is gone and I will always be thankful to Hernan. The look of myself in the mirror will always remind me of him and the excellent work he has done, I appreciate him so much!!!!”

– Romina B, Buenos Aires.

I am unbelievably happy with the results!!

” I am beyond thrilled with your work on my nose!!!I you are truly an artist and an expert in your field! I feel so happy and pleased!!! It’s been over three months since my nose job and I thank my lucky stars for having found the surgeon who gave me the nose I have always dreamed of. The change is remarkable for me and my family…the rest, they just look at me and say: You look stunning Virginia!!! But they cannot tell why and I know it’s your skillful hands that have made me look so natural. The only thing I do regret is having waited for so long to finally make up my mind. Maybe I was afraid of what would happen at the operating room, of feeling pain…nothing like the sort happened and it was nothing in comparison to the great reward of having such a perfect nose!
Thank you for listening, taking the time of reassuring me of everything and above all, and thanks for your professionalism and expertise. My best for you and your staff. What is most interesting about Dr. Chinski is that he specializes in rhinoplasties. Seeing his work on his web page, reading his references and remarks made by patients was more than enough to make a consultation.
While waiting in his consultation room, I was amazed to see live his recently operated patients. One consultation was enough to make up my mind and chose him as my surgeon. Besides the rhinoplasty, we decided for a chin implant for better results. The surgery Hernan performed was impeccable and the change is remarkable. I just want to deeply thank him for what he has done and for being both an excellent professional and an extraordinary human being. I feel unbelievably happy with the results and this has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. All my complexes about my nose are finally gone. I want to thank you for all of the time and effort you have put into making this incredibly huge decision much easier I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Dr. Chinski; the results are clearly seen..”
– Virginia C, Buenos Aires.

My nose tip isn’t droopy anymore

” Let me tell you about my experience. On Nov 23rd, 2011 Dr Chinski operated on me. It took me a while to make the decision and today I can say I am glad I had done it. I am so pleased and satisfied with the results, both from the aesthetic and functional point of view.
My nose looks harmonic and straight. I don’t have nasal bifidity anymore and most important of all, I do not have to resort to nasal drops to breathe properly as I had to. It was a painless procedure, simpler than I had imagined. My eternal gratitude to Hernan, his kind and considerate manner on the day of the operation and the confidence he gave me to go into the operation room. He is a great professional and a great human being.
– Marcela P, Santa Fe Province.

It is important to find the right professional who can support and guide you throughout the whole process…

” It is difficult to express in words all the ambivalent feelings one experiences when you decide to change your appearance… but much more difficult is to explain how important it is to find the right professional who can support and guide you throughout the whole process….Never did I feel I was going through this alone, and that means a lot!
I have nothing but words of eternal gratitude. Dr. Chinski is an excellent professional, he is precise, patient, perfectionist and he was also humble enough to listen to my fears and provide me with the trust I needed…..
Forever thankful DOC!!!!!”
– Luis N, Rosario Province